Team Panda Shows their Support at 2015 Platteklip Challenge

On the 25th April 2015, team Panda took part in the Platteklip Charity Challenge. Our team was part of 200 intrepid athletes who attempted to see how many times they could summit Table Mountain via Platteklip Gorge.

Each lap is 5.5km in distance, 760 metres of climbing, and will take approximately 2 hours on average. The route up Platteklip Gorge includes 800 double size steps over a distance of 2.1km. Once at the top, the contestants need to run to the upper cable station, catch a lift down and then run back to the start. (more…)


Introducing Endpoint Protection

We’ve undergone some changes in the last couple of months and it was only a matter of time before we started updating our products to suit our new identity. This week we released the latest update to what was previously known as Panda Cloud Office Protection and Panda Cloud Office Protection Advanced. Introducing “Endpoint Protection” and “Endpoint Protection Plus.”



Smart TVs; the New Big Brother

Smart TVs offer countless benefits such as Internet access, social media access, live streaming and communication with other similar devices; mobile phones and tablets.

It’s the age of ubiquitous surveillance, driven by both Internet firms and governments. The Internet of Things is full of eavesdroppers who want to “listen”. Newer cars contain computers that record speed, steering wheel position, pedal pressure, even tyre pressure and third party companies such as insurance companies want to listen. And, of course, your cell phone records your precise location at all times. Add security cameras and recorders, drones and other surveillance airplanes and we’re being watched, tracked, measured and listened to almost all the time.



Panda Cloud Fusion Infographic

Panda Fusion is a cloud-based solution that meets all your needs. It is easy to deploy and scale, as it requires no maintenance or infrastructure investment. Available anytime, anywhere through a simple web browser.

Benefits of Panda Cloud Fusion

  • It offers maximum protection against malware and unknown threats.
  • It reduces costs through optimisation of your IT infrastructure.
  • It provides an optimal support experience, through proactive problem resolution and remote access to users’ devices that is non-disruptive, wherever they are.

See the infographic below for more:



10 Tips for Protecting Your Privacy

          1. Go on a diet and forget about cookies

These tools which have installed themselves in our virtual lives, gather data about our habits (searches and pages visited) which is often used to design custom advertising. You can avoid them by using browsers in ‘incognito’ or ‘private’ mode. Other options include regularly clearing your browsing history and cookies or accepting an opt-out cookie which blocks future cookies from being installed on your browser by a particular website or advertiser. It essentially lets you declare that you do not wish to participate in targeted ad delivery, profiling or otherwise have your web browsing tracked. An opt-out cookie will only block cookies from a particular server and is not a generic tool to block cookies from any site you visit. However, you can manage cookies via your browser settings.

         2. Use a virtual private network

A Virtual Private Network more commonly known as a VPN, allows you to browse the internet securely, even when you are connected to a public network. Although they are often associated with illegal activities, there is nothing bad about them. On the contrary, it is highly advisable to use them when you do not have a secure connection.

         3. It does not matter where you took that picture

Sharing the “selfie” you have just taken on social networks could reveal a lot of data about the device you used and where you are. Perhaps the phone model or camera specifications are not very important, but it is a good idea to change the settings so that the exact coordinates of your location do not appear. Here you have to disable the GPS settings on the mobile phone camera.



Join our Panda Cloud Fusion Webinar

Join us on the 26th of February at 11:30am or 5th of March at 8:45am for an in-depth look at Panda Cloud Fusion, the easy-to-use solution that protects, manages and supports all your systems and devices from a single centralised cloud platform. Reduce costs and improve your security with Panda.

New features include:

  • Mobile device management (iOS)
  • SNMP monitoring
  • Granular patch management scheduling
  • New remote installation with remote discovery

Below are the registration links for the event. Please click on the date that you would like to attend.


11_30am 26th Feb - Register         8_45am 5th March - Register