5 Tips for More Secure Online Shopping

Over 100 000 stores worldwide use online credit card facilities as a method of payment. Cyber-criminals do not steal each individual’s details,  instead they  infect the most sensitive part of the system with malware, that is designed to collect payment data of the entire customer base. 

Far from wanting to make you fear shopping online, cases like this are used to point out the risks we face.

Below are some tips on how to avoid becoming the victim of a cyber-attack when using an e-commerce platform:

    • One of the first steps you can take is to make all your online purchases through a payment service. There are many experts who claim that tools such as PayPal, with the incorporated security tools and encryption technology, can shield you from harm. In addition, it is advisable to link the account to a credit card in order to enjoy the protection measures implemented by the banks in their online payment process.
    • Only use one card for your online purchases. So, if anything happens you will know which one to cancel to stop cyber-criminals from accessing your account. Checking your statements regularly to discover any unauthorised movement before it’s too late.
    • Another good idea is to keep, printed or virtual copies of receipts of online purchases.
    • Avoid making purchases while using public WiFi or an open network. As a general rule, they are not safe – hackers could intercept the data from your computer and obtain your passwords or your credit card information. If you must access a public WiFi network, be sure to use a virtual private network (VPN)
    • Regularly change the passwords that you use for different online shops to save you from any future headaches.

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