Q1 Report

A look at PandaLabs’ Q1 Report

  • Panda Labs detected and neutralised more than 20 million new malware samples in the first three months of 2016.
  • Trojans and Ransomware continue to lead the pack, being the cause of 65% of all attacks.
  • China, Turkey and Taiwan top most affected countries.

The data released in the PandaLabs’ quarterly report indicates a shocking 227,000 new malware samples each day in Q1, a staggering increase from 2015’s mere 2,000 new samples per day.

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Trojans made up 66% of new threats and were accountable for 65% of all attacks.
Ransomware, using Trojans to penetrate the user’s network, has become hugely popular among cyber criminals as it facilitates easy, direct payment to the cyber-criminal while they remain anonymous. More and more companies are falling prey to these attacks and end up paying millions to retrieve their stolen information, only fueling the growth of Ransomware.
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Cyber-criminals continue to attack without giving victims like hotels, hospitals or governments a chance to recover. The increasing adoption of Smartphones and the Internet-of-Things provide new opportunities for cyber-criminals to cash in and as this growth continues, so too will the threats posed by malware.

China, Taiwan and Turkey had the highest number of infections in Q1, with Scandinavian countries being the least affected nations.


If you are interested in specific cases, the latest cyberwar news, or be up to date with the latest FBI research, you can download the entire report here.

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