European media acclaims Panda Security 2009 consumer products

European magazines PC Today and Byte, have awarded their Recommended Product seals to Panda Internet Security 2009 and Panda Global Protection 2009 respectively

Similarly, TCN magazine has awarded five stars to Panda Global Protection 2009

All three publications underline the enormous malware detection capacity of the products thanks to in-the-cloud detection

European IT publications PC Today and Byte have awarded their Recommended Product seals to Panda Internet Security 2009 and Panda Global Protection 2009 respectively. Panda Global Protection 2009 has also been awarded five stars in an analysis carried out by TCN magazine. All three magazines highlighted the enormous malware detection capacity achieved thanks to collective intelligence – Panda’s unique model of security “from the cloud”.

PC Today, one of Spain’s leading IT magazines, published a comparative review of 12 security suites which included Kaspersky Internet Security 2009, McAfee Internet Security 2009, Norton Internet Security 2009 and AVG Internet Security 8.0. Panda Internet Security 2009 was awarded the magazine’s Recommended Product seal of approval, as it was the most effective in detecting new malware.

“Not only does it include a series of extra functions, such as system optimization utilities, a tool for making backup files and control over unauthorized WIFI connections, but the Panda Internet Security Suite scan engine itself is truly powerful,” enthused the magazine, adding: “Its malware detection levels rated really high against all the malware families tested”.

The protection from the cloud, included in all Panda Security 2009 products, was also praised by Byte which awarded its recommended product seal to Panda Global Protection 2009.

“With more malware in circulation at all levels, protection systems must evolve and become more complex to face up to the new threats. Panda’s proposal to improve protection and reduce resource consumption in PCs is based on an improved TruPrevent system, and the use of Collective Intelligence over the Internet”, explains the magazine, adding:  “This approach [Collective Intelligence] offers the advantage that it consumes less resources on each computer. The use of Collective Intelligence to detect spam allows a significant improvement with respect both to the junk mail detected and false positives.”

Byte also drew attention to the simplicity of installing and handling Panda Security products: “The 2009 product line offers a new interface which is simpler, clearer and more direct for controlling the product and adjusting settings with just a single click. There is no complex navigation through complicated levels to reach the options you want”.

TCN magazine also underlined the tremendous detection capacity of the Panda Security products: “The anti-malware engine detects and eliminates all types of viruses, worms, Trojans, rootkits bots, etc. The product also monitors instant messaging application traffic, and protects wireless networks thanks to its ‘WiFi monitor’. Panda Global Protection 2009 stands out for the efficiency of its antivirus engine, designed to block and control Internet-borne attacks”.

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