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The reality organisations face today is that new malware is being created daily and conventional antivirus solutions are no match for these advanced attacks. Cybercrime has become more profitable for hackers, with malware variants such as Ransomware targeting victims for direct financial gain.

All organisations need to take control of their network to ensure sensitive data is not accessed or released by cyber criminals.
This was a challenge Werksman Attorney CTO David Williams faced head on.


  • Statistics indicate that Healthcare is the sector most targeted by Ransomware
  • Cybercrime threatening the Healthcare secotr has direct economic impact
  • Attacks on hospitals, pharmacies and health insurance providers increased by 125% in the past 5 years
  • Ransomware is a prevalent threat for all organisations and the Healthcare sector is no exception. In 2016 alone we have seen a number of Hospitals targeted by Malware, causing huge financial loss and putting patients at risk. Panda Security’s malware research facility, PandaLabs investigated this Cyber-Pandemic in order to understand the risks and mitigate these threats.


“PunkeyPOS” – Latest Malware to target POS terminals

Panda Security’s anti-malware laboratory, PandaLabs has been investigating current and new threats of Malware across the world, and has uncovered a new piece of Malware that is targeting POS terminals – “PunkeyPOS”.


Group of young creative people having a meeting in the office. Women are working on laptop while two men are talking to each other. The view is through the glass.

1/5 Businesses Infected by Malware through Social Media

We have all started to move to digital, and it’s making our lives simpler and easier. Or is it?


Q1 Report

A look at PandaLabs’ Q1 Report

  • Panda Labs detected and neutralised more than 20 million new malware samples in the first three months of 2016.
  • Trojans and Ransomware continue to lead the pack, being the cause of 65% of all attacks.
  • China, Turkey and Taiwan top most affected countries.


PPS  -Blog

The future of antivirus is pay-as-you-use.

Everyday cyber criminals are creating an increasing number of new malware samples with the aim of gaining access to our private business and personal data. Digitisation has meant that more and more people are using multiple devices to access the internet at home and at work. Gone are the days of having one family PC, we now see adults and children alike accessing the web from a number of devices in one household. (more…)