Panda’s Do’s & Don’t’s of Cyber Security

Here are Panda Security’s Do’s and Don’t’s of Cyber Security for your business, in 10 short points that are easy to remember and implement. (more…)

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KeRanger Ransomware Hits Mac OS X Users

This week Mac users were targeted by what is being called the first fully functional ransomware for Mac OS X.

Over the weekend when Mac users downloaded the long awaited version 2.90 of popular Bit Torrent client Transmission they got a little something extra, a new piece of malware called KeRanger. (more…)

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Block-y Locky Ransomware with Panda Security

Last week a new strain of ransomware came to the fore, dubbed Locky because of the way it renames the file extension. Locky targets users via email attachments, which is often an invoice in a Microsoft Word document. Once the recipient downloads the file, if Office macros are enabled the malicious macro gets to work encrypting the user’s files. If macros are not enabled, the Word document will display a message prompting the user to enable macros in order to read the invoice.

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How safe are Public Wi-Fi Networks

Public Wi-Fi hotspots have popped up all over our cities, from restaurants and malls, to local parks. They are convenient and relatively easy to access, and tend to evoke that data saving scrooge inside us all. The City of Cape Town has even jumped on board and are beginning to provide public Wi-Fi hotspots for more and more suburbs with aim of having at least one hotspot per ward.

With so many of us connecting to these hotspots and the ever increasing threat from cybercriminals it is important to understand and be aware of the dangers of using public Wi-Fi.


How to avoid of Valentine’s Day scams

February 14th is fast approaching bringing with it mixed emotions as always. If you’re the romantic type and have someone to celebrate with I’m sure you have prepped for Sundays events and are anxiously anticipating the festivities. If you’re single you are most likely anxiously dreading the day everyone else’s happiness is rubbed in your face. Whatever side of the fence you’re on there is definitely reason for anxiety.

Valentine’s Day scams will be back in full force from bargains and cards to WhatsApp emoticons. Here is our list of things to look for to keep yourself free from cyberattacks.



International Safer Internet Day

Today we celebrate Safer Internet Day, an initiative launched to promote safe internet usage, particularly among children and teens. To play our part we have compiled a list of few simple tips to help kids stay safe when using the internet