Panda Security, compatible with Windows 10

On the 29th of July 2015, Microsoft launched the highly anticipated; Windows 10. The new offering has been receiving large amounts of coverage over recent months as it is rumoured to be the last “big” release from Microsoft and users can expect to see smaller updates to the version in future.

Two days after it’s release, Windows 10 had already been installed on 67 million PCs world-wide. Most existing programs and apps should continue working with the upgrade, but some antivirus and security solutions may cause problems as they have not been certified yet.

Panda Security’s antivirus is however completely compatible with Windows 10!




All of Panda’s 2015 retail products are compatible with the new version of Windows. If users have an older version of windows, but would like to update their operating systems, it is recommended that they do the upgrade and then download the antivirus again and reinstall it on the new OS.

The latest versions of Panda Security’s retail products can be downloaded here.

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