Open Windows Spanish Trailer (2013) - Elijah Wood Movie HD from La Panda Productions on Vimeo.

Panda Security Ventures into the Movie Business with “Open Windows”

In a world where interconnectivity is increasingly important, Panda Security has chosen to sponsor a French-Spanish co-production, Open Windows, as a means of increasing public awareness of the dangers of the Internet, regardless of the device used to connect to it. Scheduled for release in a few months, the movie, directed by Spanish director-screenwriter Nacho Vigalondo, plays out in real time, utilizing different types of formats and electronic devices and the action is seen through the first-person view of the main character’s laptop. With cyber-crime as a backdrop, Open Windows stars Elijah Wood as an everyman whose girlfriend (Sasha Grey) has been abducted by a vicious killer. Wood’s character spends the rest of the film trying to find her, in a hunt that revolves around various forms of technology. The action is followed on the screen of a laptop connected to the Internet, an approach that reflects the importance of mobility and immediate Internet connectivity in today’s world. As director, Nacho Vigalondo explains, “Even though the movie is entirely fictitious, we are getting more and more used to hearing stories about new and increasingly sophisticated cyber-stalking attacks like the one suffered by the character played by Sasha Grey.”   “In a world where technologies are becoming an increasingly important part of our lives, malware entry points have multiplied,” says Jeremy Matthews, Country Manager for Panda Security. “Users must be aware that cyber-criminals are always looking for new ways to hook unsuspecting people through any Internet access point. In fact, according to data from the latest PandaLabs report, malware creation hit a new record high in Q2 2013, and Android malware is clearly on the rise”.

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