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Panda Internet Security takes top spot in AV-Test report

Panda detected 100% of malware scanned in the AV-Test report, in both private and In The Wild virus lists

Global IT vendor Panda Security has taken the top spot in AV-Test’s Q2 report (http://av-test.org/).  Panda Internet Security 2010 has received the prestigious laboratory’s certification, after passing with above average scores on all protection, cleaning and usability tests as well as those designed to test the solutions’ ability to repair computers infected with malware.  

In the protection test, Panda Internet Security 2010 achieved a score of 5.5 out of 6, as it did in the areas of cleaning and repairing computers infected with malware. The solution scored 5 out of 6 for usability.

In the first section of protection against malware infections, the most significant results came in the detection of the malware batch used by AV-Test as well as those in the ‘In the Wild’ list, where the solution detected 100% of samples. In the detection of 0-day malware attacks on the Internet, including Web and email threats, Panda Security scored 82%, 89% and 74% respectively in the three test months. In the dynamic detection testing, Panda detected 81% of the samples used, which is way above the industry average of 63%. 

Panda Internet Security 2010 also scored 100% in the detection and elimination of rootkits and hidden malware. In the section on cleaning and repairing computers infected with malware, Panda Security achieved 95% in the elimination of active malware components (according to the WildList), once again above the industry average. 

In the usability section, the impact ratio of the antivirus on computer performance was 101 seconds, less than half the industry average of 251 seconds. 

“These results illustrate the great detection capacity of Panda’s Collective Intelligence detection system” says Jeremy Matthews, head of Panda’s sub-Saharan operations. “More significantly, this detection power has no impact on users’ computers, as scanning and the classification of malware takes place in the cloud.”

Andreas Marx, CEO of AV-Test.org adds “At AV-Test.org, we have tested all products with all update functionality and ‘in the cloud’ protection enabled, so no product updates were frozen. This way, the products had to demonstrate their ‘real world’ capabilities using all components and protection layers in realistic test scenarios”.

Marx also spoke about the performance of the Panda solution during the tests: “Panda Internet Security showed impressively high results for the static and dynamic detection of new malware. Not only was the protection against, and removal of, new malware very high, but at the same time Panda had less impact on the system from the usability point of view”.

More information about the full AV-Test results is available at http://av-test.org/ and http://research.pandasecurity.com/

To find out more about the Panda Retail 2011 lineup, launched in July, go to http://www.pandasecurity.com/homeusers/solutions/antivirus

Teens use ‘Code 9’ to block Parents on Social Networks

  • ‘Code 9’ advises kids and teenagers on how to stop parents from seeing what they are doing and writing on social networks

A few years ago, a technique called ‘Code 9′ was developed and spread among teens and children via email. These emails described techniques to help disguise and hide their chat messages and conversations from parents. Global IT vendor Panda Security has detected the resurgence of these messages, which are now being distributed across social networks like Facebook and Myspace.

According to the latest Kids on the Web security survey, published by Panda in June this year, one in three teenagers has contacted strangers across social networks, “Something that criminal minds are no doubt aware of and will exploit to contact children”, warns Jeremy Matthews, head of Panda’s sub-Saharan operations.

“Interestingly, when you visit the profiles and pages created to spread ‘Code 9’ and you look at the followers and friends, there aren’t many young people. In fact it’s quite the opposite, which gives us an indication as to the sort of people who are interested in distributing this type of information”.

‘Code 9’ itself is really simple: It tells children/teens that to hide their conversations in chat rooms or messaging, all they need to do is mention or write the number ‘9’ whenever their parents or guardians are close by. The other person will then rapidly change the topic or delete any information exchanged.

Pic of a typical ‘Code 9’ message available here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/panda_security/4879123608/

During the holiday periods, many children and teenagers spend more time than usual on the computer. This is a good time to ensure that our children are using the Internet safely and responsibly.

“We always advise that the best way to achieve this is for parents and children to have a relationship based on trust, so it is not necessary to be constantly monitoring kids while they’re on social networks and the like. It also helps to have an Internet Security product that allows parents to restrict access to unwanted sites”, concludes Matthews.  

Since 1990, Panda’s mission has been to detect and eliminate new threats as rapidly as possible, offering clients’ maximum security. To do so, Panda has an innovative automated system that analyzes and classifies thousands of new samples a day and returns automatic verdicts (malware or goodware). This system is the basis of Collective Intelligence, Panda Security’s new security model which can even detect malware that has evaded other security solutions.

Currently, 99.4% of malware detected by Panda is analyzed through this system of Collective Intelligence. This is complemented by the work of several teams, each specialized in a specific type of malware (viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, phishing, spam, etc), and who work 24/7 to provide global coverage. This translates into more secure, simpler and resource-friendly solutions for clients.

More information is available in the PandaLabs blog: http://www.pandalabs.com

For more information about Panda, visit http://www.pandasecurity.com/.

Panda’s 2011 Solutions Use the Power of Community for Lighter, Faster Protection

Global IT vendor Panda Security is releasing its new 2011 consumer product line, featuring faster performance, better protection and less resource impact than previous versions. Panda’s new retail solutions, available at the end of August, include: Panda Internet Security 2011, Panda Global Protection 2011, Panda Antivirus Pro 2011 and Panda Internet Security for Netbooks. New features include complete remote access to home PCs, file shredding of deleted programs and a secure browser, to name a few.

All of the 2011 consumer solutions benefit from Panda’s Collective Intelligence technology, which leverages the network of millions of global users, or the Power of Community, to deliver instantaneous protection against new and unknown threats. Using these solutions, consumers can browse the Internet, make purchases online, and chat and share photos/videos with complete confidence that Collective Intelligence and the Power of Community are providing proactive and real-time protection against the latest malware threats. In addition, PC resource consumption is minimal and the 2011 solutions boast a 50% improvement in performance on Windows 7 environments when compared to last year’s versions.

The products are designed specifically for highly active users with the most demanding protection needs, and include many new features, such as the option to manage home networks, or run the protection in gaming/multimedia mode, to avoid interruptions for gamers.

Similarly, the interfaces have been simplified and made more intuitive across all the products, and the top of the range solution includes a series of utilities to transparently safeguard the digital life of users:

  • Remote access – Lets you access your home or work computer from anywhere and share files securely across the Web.
  • Virtual browser (sandbox) – 100% secure, based on a network of virtual machines running under Linux and without persistent memory storage.
  • Virtual keyboard – To prevent passwords and other sensitive data entered on keyboards from being stolen with keyloggers.
  • File encryption –  Keeps files safe from snoopers
  • Definitive data removal – Elimination of all traces of deleted files or programs.

The new solutions maintain the features that have positioned them as market-leading security suites: a powerful antivirus engine to protect against all types of known and unknown viruses; firewall with WiFi security to block intruders and hackers; Panda USB Vaccine, to protect USB devices; confidential information filters to keep personal data safe; backup copying, as well as a PC tune-up feature to optimize system performance.

Free trial versions will be available soon from: http://www.pandasecurity.com/Southafrica/homeusers/downloads/

For more information about Panda, visit http://www.pandasecurity.com/.

SC Magazine awards Panda 5 stars for their Business Solutions

  • Panda Security’s business solutions recognized for their superior ease of use, protection features and value.

Global IT vendor Panda Security announced that two of its solutions for small and medium sized businesses, Panda GateDefender Integra and Panda Security for Business v4.05, have been given 5-star product ratings by SC Magazine.

In its review, SC Magazine lauded Panda GateDefender Integra for its excellent price and protection functionality. The unified threat management (UTM) appliance provides businesses with centralised protection from all types of internet-borne threats, including firewall, intrusion prevention, anti-malware, content filtering, anti-spam and web filtering.

“With Panda GateDefender Integra, businesses can install and protect their corporate perimeters in minutes without the need for any user intervention”, says Jeremy Matthews, head of Panda’s sub-Saharan operations. “This makes it the only install and protect UTM solution on the market.”

SC Magazine also recognized Panda Security for Business, the company’s all-in-one security software suite, for its simple installation process, superior protection features and product documentation. SC noted that the product offers “lots of features and extensive support for different operating systems and devices.”

Panda Security for Business is also the only on-premise security solution for gateways, e-mail networks and endpoints that benefits from instantaneous and automated, cloud-driven malware protection while still retaining all in-house security controls.

The recent 5-star ratings follow a string of positive reviews of Panda’s corporate products. This includes a 4-star rating in by SC Magazine of Panda GateDefender Performa 9500, the company’s all-in-one appliance for high-performance web filtering and perimeter protection against Internet-borne malware and spam.

Like all Panda products, the Panda GateDefender line as well as Panda Security for Business, benefit from the company’s unique cloud-based Collective Intelligence database. Collective Intelligence draws from the knowledge and experience of millions of users to deliver the most comprehensive, instantaneous and non-intrusive protection against known and unknown malware.

For more information about Panda Security’s corporate solutions, please visit www.pandasecurity.com/enterprise/

Panda Launches New Pro Version Antivirus and Improved Free Edition

Panda Security has upgraded and expanded Panda Cloud Antivirus, the first and only cloud-based anti-malware service to protect home computer users. The upgrade of Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition improves and extends the protection provided by the original free product. A brand new commercial version of the product, Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro, delivers expanded support services and automation capabilities for even greater convenience. Both products, available for download at http://www.cloudantivirus.com, set the standard in malware detection and consume minimal PC resources.

Since the debut of Panda Cloud Antivirus last year, nearly 10 million home users have selected the free service as their antivirus of choice. “With today’s launch, we’ve created two options for users, both featuring major enhancements that make safeguarding your PC even easier and more transparent”, says Jeremy Matthews, head of Panda’s sub-Saharan operations. “The Free Edition gives users the best basic no-cost protection available on the market thanks to Panda’s cloud-based Collective Intelligence technology, while the new Pro Edition offers more robust automated security capabilities and services at a very affordable price.”

The first-free “in the cloud” security service for home users, Panda Cloud Antivirus provides instantaneous protection against real-world threats with next to no impact on computer performance. This minimal resource usage is a major benefit of Collective Intelligence, Panda’s proprietary technology for automatically collecting and processing millions of malware samples in the cloud instead of locally, on the user’s PC. This results in efficient, accurate malware protection that consumes only 15MB of RAM, compared with 60MB for traditional signature-based anti-virus products. Collective Intelligence also provides superior detection against both known and unknown malware.

In a recent comparative test of leading free antivirus programs conducted by AV-Test.org, Panda outperformed the average zero day detection score of the other products tested by 42.5%. Panda also scored 99.4%, or higher, in four on-demand detection rate tests including the PCSecurityLabs test, for which it scored 99.7%.

PCMag.com, PC World and CNET have hailed Panda Cloud Antivirus as the first free anti-virus product completely built on a cloud infrastructure. Panda’s reverse signature analysis approach, which feeds information about goodware and malware characteristics to the Collective Intelligence database, ensures rapid scanning for the newest and most dangerous malware. According to Neil Rubenking, security analyst at PCMag.com, “Panda Cloud Antivirus 1.0 is the best free antivirus software available…and is our Editors’ Choice for free antivirus.”[1]

New features in Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition include advanced configuration and exclusions. This allows users to customise certain features, such as behavioural blocking and analysis, to suit their individual needs and system requirements. Behavioural blockers provide instantaneous protection against new malware and targeted attacks, while self-protection of antivirus files and configurations also ensures protection can’t be disabled by targeted malware attacks.

Additional features in the Cloud Antivirus Pro Edition include automatic, transparent upgrades, providing completely “hands-free” protection by eliminating the need for reinstalling the antivirus each time a new version is released. Automatic vaccination of USB and hard drives ensures that neither drive type can transmit an infection while users are offline. Dynamic behavioural analysis also provides an added layer of protection by analyzing running processes and blocking any found to be malicious.

Panda Cloud Antivirus has received numerous awards, including the Editors’ Choice Award from PCMag.com USA, Best Tech of the Year from LAPTOP Magazine USA, 5 Stars from Downloads Café USA amoungst others.

Pricing and Availability

Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro Edition is priced at $29.95. Both products are available now and can be downloaded at http://www.cloudantivirus.com.

For more information, visit http://www.pandasecurity.com/.

[1] Reprinted from www.pcmag.com, November 13, 2009, with permission. © 2009 Ziff Davis Publishing Holdings Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Award-winning Panda Cloud Antivirus now protects Windows 7

Panda Security’s free antivirus, Panda Cloud Antivirus, has received Microsoft’s ‘Compatible with Windows 7’ certification after passing the company’s quality checks, for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Panda Cloud Antivirus is the first antivirus especially designed to offer protection from the cloud. Available free from www.cloudantivirus.com, it safeguards users from new malicious code practically in realtime as all processes take place on the Internet, minimising any impact on PC performance. The release version of Panda Cloud Antivirus was launched on November 10 after being in beta since April 2009.

Adopting a next-generation approach to IT security, Panda Cloud Antivirus is driven by Collective Intelligence, Panda’s advanced system which gathers malware information from its global community of users in the cloud. The system can automatically identify and classify new malware strains in minutes, combining local detection technologies with real-time cloud-scanning to maximize protection while minimizing resource consumption.

Recently, Panda Cloud Antivirus won the “Editors’ Choice™” distinction for free antivirus solutions from PC Mag. The publication’s security analyst Neil Rubenking said in the review: “It’s a very good, very lightweight tool even when measured against the for-pay security antivirus available. And it’s the best free antivirus software available.”

Panda Cloud Antivirus scored a perfect 10 in rootkit and rogue antivirus detection.

“Panda Cloud Antivirus is impressively effective at keeping malware from infesting a clean system,” said Rubenking. “It’s a powerful defender against malware attacks—and it’s free.”

Panda Cloud Antivirus has also won top honors in PCWorld’s comparative review as the best antivirus for detecting malware.

Download it for free here.