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Panda Security celebrates 5 years in the cloud with 1.7 billion files processed

Panda Security is celebrating the fifth anniversary of the launch of its cloud security system, Collective Intelligence, which automatically detects, scans, classifies and disinfects 99.4 percent of all new malware received every day at PandaLabs.

The system has now processed more than 1.7 billion files since its launch. The Collective Intelligence database currently occupies 25.2 TB and generates 500 GB of logs every day.

In 2007, after two years of development, Panda Security made this pioneering technology available to users and it was this system that allowed the company to offer cloud-based protection solutions to home users and companies alike. This internationally-acclaimed protection model has led the way for the rest of the industry, and offers all users a series of key benefits: investment costs reduced by 50 percent, reduced local server and desktop resource consumption, and greater overall protection in real-time.

Every day, Collective Intelligence receives more than 3 billion data requests from users of Panda solutions and processes more than 150,000 new files to determine whether or not they are malware. Currently, around 73,000 new, unique strains of malware appear every day. According to PandaLabs Q1 Report, this malware avalanche has elevated the average number of infected PCs across the globe to 35.51 percent, with China leading the ranking of most affected countries (54.25 percent of infected PCs), and followed by Taiwan (47.15 percent) and Turkey (42.75 percent).

Thanks to this system, Panda Security was the first company to bring cloud-based security solutions to the market:

  •  Panda ActiveScan, scanning from the cloud since 2007.
  • For home users, cloud scanning was implemented in the 2008 consumer solutions, and in the first antivirus designed specifically to protect from the cloud, Panda Cloud Antivirus in April 2009.
  • For businesses, cloud-based scanning was offered through Panda Cloud Protection in November 2009, delivered through the SaaS (Security-as-a-Service) model.

Free Trial of Panda Security Technology

Panda Security offers all users free trials of its groundbreaking technologies through the following solutions:

Global Protection 2012 wins Security Software Award

Panda Security announces that Panda Global Protection 2012 has won the 2011 Best Security Software Award given by the prestigious PC World Latin America magazine. The award was received by Eduardo D’Antona, Panda Security’s General Manager for Latin America, in a gala held on November 3 at the Conrad Hotel in Miami.

A panel of judges from the magazine’s editorial team chose 138 finalists out of a total of 210 nominees from 35 companies in the various categories. Panda Global Protection 2012 won in its category over products by other security vendors, such as CheckPoint, Eset, Fortinet, Kasperksy, TrustPort, VMWare and Websense.

Joao Matos, General Manager for Latin America, Iberia and Canada, said: “This award is very important for us as it recognizes the hard work and effort the entire Panda Security group has put into offering users a high-quality, cloud-based product that leverages our Collective Intelligence technology. This award confirms that we are on the right track and offer the best solutions in the market”.

Panda Global Protection 2012 designed for home and corporate users, is the most comprehensive solution in Panda Security’s new 2012 product line. It delivers real-time protection against known and unknown threats by leveraging the knowledge and experience of millions of users through Panda’s unique Collective Intelligence technology. Collective Intelligence, the engine powering Panda Security’s cloud-based solutions, has recently reached a historic milestone by processing 200 million files, nearly 40 percent of which were malware specimens. 

“The 2010 awards saw Panda Cloud Antivirus, the first free cloud-based antivirus, crowned Best Security Software. This new award further confirms that our solutions stay on the technological vanguard”, said D’Antona.

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Panda Security Achieves Highest Rankings across its Consumer Product Range from Top Independent Testers

Panda Security’s, Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition is the world’s fastest growing cloud-based antivirus, certified by prestigious independent testing labs AV-Test.org and AV-Comparatives.org. Tests comparing detection capabilities, false positive detection, repair, usability, performance and overall protection were conducted. Panda outperformed other top AV vendor solutions, receiving excellent scores across the board. This is the first time Panda’s Cloud Antivirus Free Edition has participated in these tests. This recognition follows Panda Internet Security 2012 certifications for high malware detection rates. These tests simulate real-life conditions very closely, pitting antivirus products against actual threats that can be found on the Web or on users’ computers.

AV-Test.org and AV-Comparatives.org evaluations compared Version 1.5.1 of Panda Cloud Antivirus to over 20 other free and paid antivirus programs. Panda successfully detected 99.3 percent of the more than 200,000 samples used by AV-Comparatives. The results of these tests reinforce the powerful protection capabilities of Panda Cloud Antivirus. Tests also included a false positive detection report. Panda incorrectly detected only one clean file as malware, whereas other top free antivirus solutions had 10 or more false positives.

The full reports are available at AV-Comparatives.org and AV-Test.org.

Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition 1.5.1, launched this June, includes performance improvements as well as new features suggested by Panda Security’s user community. Since Cloud Antivirus’ initial release in 2009 as the first free ‘in the cloud’ security service for home users, millions around the world have benefitted from its award-winning free antivirus protection and incredibly lightweight footprint. The latter is a major benefit of Collective Intelligence, Panda’s proprietary technology for automatically collecting and processing millions of malware samples in the cloud instead of locally on the user’s PC.

For more information about Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition or to download the product, please visit http://www.cloudantivirus.com

Panda Internet Security 2012 has obtained great results in the latest detection tests conducted by the AV-Test.org and AV-Comparatives.org laboratories. According to Andreas Marx, CEO of AV-Test.org, “Once again, Panda Internet Security was one of the top products in our certification tests. It’s the first time we tested the new 2012 edition of Panda Internet Security, and it performed very well in our tests. We do not only focus on protection, but also on repair and usability aspects in our tests and in all tested areas, Panda Internet Security scored 5 points or higher out of a maximum number of 6 points.” It was also one of only four products to achieve a score higher than 15 points.

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Android, Facebook and HBGary Federal all hacked in the First Quarter of 2011

Global IT vendor Panda Security has published the first PandaLabs Quarterly Report of 2011. This quarter has witnessed some particularly intense  virus activity with the three most serious incidents including: the single largest attack against Android cell phones, the intensive use of Facebook to distribute malware and an attack by the Anonymous hacktivist group against the HBGary Federal security firm.

At the beginning of March, Android experienced the largest attack to date on their software. This assault was launched from malicious applications on Android Market. In just four days these applications, which installed a Trojan, had racked up over 50 000 downloads. The Trojan in this case was highly sophisticated, not only stealing personal information from cell phones, but also downloading and installing other apps without the user’s knowledge. Google managed to rid its store of all malicious apps, and some days later removed them from users’ phones.

With regards to Facebook, George S. Bronk, a 23-year-old from California, pleaded guilty to hacking and blackmail, and now faces up to six years in prison. Using information available on Facebook, he managed to gain access to a multitude of email accounts. Having hijacked an account, he would search for personal information he could then use to blackmail the victim. It would seem that anyone could become a victim of these types of attacks, as even Mark Zuckerberg –creator of Facebook– had his Facebook fan page hacked, displaying the status, “Let the hacking begin”.

The Anonymous cyber-activist group responsible for launching an attack in 2010 against SGAE (the Spanish copyright protection agency), among other targets, is still making headlines. The latest incident was triggered when the CEO of US security firm HBGary Federal, Aaron Barr, claimed to have details of the Anonymous ringleaders. The group took offence and decided to hack the company’s Web page and Twitter account, stealing thousands of emails which were then distributed on The Pirate Bay.

As if that were not enough, the content of some of these mails has been highly embarrassing for the company, bringing to light certain unethical practices (such as the proposal to develop a rootkit), forcing Aaron Barr to stand down as CEO.

Malware Continues to Grow…

So far in 2011, there has been a surge in the number of IT threats in circulation: in the first three months of the year, there was a daily average of 73 000 new samples of malware, the majority of which were Trojans. This means that hackers have created 26% more new threats in the first months of 2011 than in the corresponding period of 2010.

Once again, Trojans have accounted for 70% of all new malware created. This comes as no surprise as these types of threats are favored, by organized criminals, for stealing bank details with which to perpetrate fraud or steal directly from victims’ accounts. As ever, Panda advises all users to ensure that computers are adequately protected. With this in mind, Panda offers a series of free tools including Panda Cloud Antivirus and Panda ActiveScan.

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Panda Tops Cloud Security Market with 35 Awards Worldwide

  • Company honored with 35 awards worldwide for outstanding achievements in technology innovation and sales strategies
  • Cloud products achieve extraordinary market adoption, surpassing industry average 

Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, announced end of year results in awards and market traction for the company’s cloud product line that serves small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) as well as consumers. In 2010, Panda Security secured 35 awards from recognized authorities on technology and business innovation, including the Wall Street Journal, CRN, PC World and AV Comparatives.

“Panda has always been ahead of the market in technology innovation and 2010 was no exception”, says Juan Santana, CEO of Panda. “At the beginning of the year, we set out to extend our position as a cloud security leader through a continued commitment to R&D and a focus on increasing the adoption of our cloud products for SMBs.”

“We attribute Panda’s success to our award-winning solutions and a highly diversified sales strategy that targets organizations with anywhere between 5 and 60,000 seats”, says Jeremy Matthews, head of Panda’s sub-Saharan operations. “Panda’s strong business momentum for the year coupled with independent recognition from the Wall Street Journal, CRN, PC World and many others, proves that our strategy is working”, he concludes.

The Panda Cloud Protection product line, which secures endpoints and servers, email and Web threat vectors, has grown well above the industry average growth rate for cloud-based security services in 2010. Income from these products grew 65% over the previous year and now represents 15% of the company’s total worldwide revenues. Panda expects this number to exceed 20% by the end of 2011. This compares to industry-wide revenue growth for SaaS (Software as a Service), which made up only 10% of total security services revenue in 2009, with this figure not projected to surpass 20% until 2014, according to market research firm Infonetics.

While the full list of accolades may be found on the PandaLabs blog, some of the more prominent awards include:

  1. Juan Santana, Panda Security CEO, among the 25 Most Innovative Executives of 2010. CRN, USA
  2. Panda Cloud Antivirus: Editor’s Choice. PC Magazine, USA
  3. Panda Security for Business: 5 Stars, SC Magazine, USA, UK
  4. Panda Internet Security 2011: Best Product, 5 Stars, Windows Magazine, Spain
  5. Panda Cloud Antivirus: Best Security Software, PC World, Latin America
  6. Antivirus Pro 2010: Top Score in On Demand Test, AV-Comparatives.org, Germany 
  7. Panda Global Protection 2011: Editor’s Choice, Computer Magazine, Italy
  8. Panda Internet Security 2011: First Place in Comparative Test, PC Security Labs, China

“We’re looking forward to an even more successful year ahead as the market has proven that it is ready for a cloud-based approach to antivirus security,” says Santana. “Based on the traction we are seeing in the channel, we expect revenues from Panda’s cloud security business solutions to surpass 20% of the company’s total income in 2011”, he concludes.

More information is available in the PandaLabs blog: http://www.pandalabs.com

For more information about Panda, visit http://www.pandasecurity.com/

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Panda Cloud Antivirus wins 2010 Best Security Software Award from PCWorld Latin America

–       Panda Security’s cloud-managed security solution takes top honors in the security software category, among 220 nominees and 105 finalists from 33 companies competing in 28 categories

Panda Cloud Antivirus, the first free, cloud-based antivirus has won the 2010 Best Security Software Award from the prestigious PCWorld Latin America magazine. The award jury was made up of members of the magazine staff. The award was received by Juan Santana, Panda Security CEO, in a gala held on November 12 in Miami.

This edition of the awards saw the magazine receive 220 nominations from 33 companies, and the Best Security Software category was one of the most popular. Panda Cloud Antivirus, won in its category over Kaspersky Internet Security 2011, TrustPort Antivirus USB 2010, SymantecProtection Suite Advanced Business Edition and Websense Web, Data and Messaging Security.

According to Santana, “Panda Cloud Antivirus is one of Panda’s strategic solutions. It represents a huge step forward technology-wise to keep our users protected almost in real time against the 63,000 new malware strains that appear every day, with no impact on computer performance. This is a very important award for us, as it shows we are on the right track and our solution is the best on the market”.

Ever since the launch of its beta version in April 2009 and the subsequent launch of the full release version in November 2009, Panda Cloud Antivirus, currently available in 20 languages, has won the most prestigious awards in the industry for its real-time protection with minimum impact. Besides this award, the product has recently been chosen as “Runner-up” in the Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award, as well as PCMag.com Editor’s Choice in the free antivirus software category, among many other distinctions.

At the heart of the Cloud Antivirus products is the powerful Collective Intelligence, Panda Security’s proprietary technology that automatically detects, analyzes, classifies and disinfects 99.4 percent of all the malware that appears every day.

Find out more and download the solution free at www.cloudantivirus.com.  

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