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Anti-Virus vs Internet Security

Many people incorrectly assume that Antivirus and Internet Security protection are one in the same, however that is not the case, they are two different solutions. There is a misconception that one or the other fully covers all PC users but there are a few distinct differences that can make all the difference.

Antivirus protection is a reactive solution that provides a ‘fix’ once a virus has already infected your PC, whereas Internet Security on the other hand is a pro-active solution, providing a host of protection in addition to neutralising a virus that has infected the PC.

Viruses can access your PC through a variety of methods including e-mail, Internet connections or through other media devices such as flash drives.

Antivirus Protection

Anti-Virus solutions can be explained as the antibiotics taken to cure a cold. If selecting an Anti-Virus solution, choose one that features a link directly from the PC to the vendor’s antivirus server therefore scanning for new viruses in real time.

Internet Security Protection

Internet Security can be regarded as the preventative measure such as a vitamin B12 complex injection to boost your immune system to help prevent the cold. This can be considered a far better solution to Anti-Virus protection as it actively scans websites for specific threats and identifies characteristics of new viruses in the event that a signature file has not yet been developed to combat the new threat.

An effective Internet Security solution should contain features such as:

  • Identity protection to protect you from unsafe and scam websites operated by cybercriminals who may attempt to steal confidential information, this is known as “phishing”. Internet Security protection will warn you whilst you are surfing the internet and automatically block unsafe sites.
  • Remembering and automatically entering names and passwords. This will ultimately help speed up log-ins and prevent cybercriminals eavesdropping or attempting to spy or steal information when using wireless networks.
  • A popular feature – Parental Control Management, assists parents to track what websites their children visit, block access to any inappropriate ones, help keep an eye on social networking activities and who they are chatting with online. These measures will keep your child safe from online dangers.
  • Anti-Spam functionality is another key component within Internet Security. Spam is unsolicited email and usually takes form in a bulk email. Anti-Spam software blocks these unsolicited emails before they enter your inbox. By searching for keywords, checking the source and how many recipients received the email.
  • All Internet Security solutions should include a Firewall. A Firewall is a ‘filter’ between the PC and the internet. It usually blocks the incoming traffic and analyses both incoming and outgoing traffic for any hidden viruses.

The Solution

It is common for PC users to question whether they can install both an Anti-Virus and Internet Security solutions from different brands onto their PC however with the exception of a few South African brands it is generally not advised, as both solutions will consider the other to be a virus and result in ‘conflict’ and slow downs.

It is advised to purchase a product that covers all important features stated above. Below are 3 options to explore.

All in one protection: Panda Security’s Panda Global Protection 2012 is a solution which combines both Anti-Virus and Internet Security features, giving all PC users the ultimate protection against viruses, spyware, rootkits, hackers, online fraud, identity theft and all other internet-borne threats.

Essential protection: Panda Antivirus Pro 2012 newly improved antivirus solution offering ease of use and intuitive protections for all computers. Panda Security has further differentiated itself from traditional antivirus solutions by offering a personal firewall for maximum protection.

Protect your family: Panda Internet Security 2012 is a security suite that allows you to use the Internet for anything, like shopping and banking online, with total peace of mind and without any interruption. In addition, keeps your inbox spam-free, and allows your children to browse the web safely with the Parental Control.

Global Protection 2012 wins Security Software Award

Panda Security announces that Panda Global Protection 2012 has won the 2011 Best Security Software Award given by the prestigious PC World Latin America magazine. The award was received by Eduardo D’Antona, Panda Security’s General Manager for Latin America, in a gala held on November 3 at the Conrad Hotel in Miami.

A panel of judges from the magazine’s editorial team chose 138 finalists out of a total of 210 nominees from 35 companies in the various categories. Panda Global Protection 2012 won in its category over products by other security vendors, such as CheckPoint, Eset, Fortinet, Kasperksy, TrustPort, VMWare and Websense.

Joao Matos, General Manager for Latin America, Iberia and Canada, said: “This award is very important for us as it recognizes the hard work and effort the entire Panda Security group has put into offering users a high-quality, cloud-based product that leverages our Collective Intelligence technology. This award confirms that we are on the right track and offer the best solutions in the market”.

Panda Global Protection 2012 designed for home and corporate users, is the most comprehensive solution in Panda Security’s new 2012 product line. It delivers real-time protection against known and unknown threats by leveraging the knowledge and experience of millions of users through Panda’s unique Collective Intelligence technology. Collective Intelligence, the engine powering Panda Security’s cloud-based solutions, has recently reached a historic milestone by processing 200 million files, nearly 40 percent of which were malware specimens. 

“The 2010 awards saw Panda Cloud Antivirus, the first free cloud-based antivirus, crowned Best Security Software. This new award further confirms that our solutions stay on the technological vanguard”, said D’Antona.

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Score with Panda

Kung Fu Panda 2 Promotion

This November Panda Security and DreamWorks Animation present an exciting new promotion; with any purchase of either Panda Internet Security 2012 or Panda Global Protection 2012 you will receive a free copy of the new Kung Fu Panda 2 DVD.

The Panda Security 2012 range is a comprehensive suite of security solutions for consumers that protects against viruses, spyware, rootkits, hackers, online fraud, identity theft and all other internet-borne threats.

Like other Panda products, the Panda Security 2012 range is powered by the company’s unique underlying technology, Collective Intelligence, which automates the resource intensive process of malware scanning and analysis in the cloud, enabling faster protection against the newest and most dangerous threats while reducing the antivirus’ impact on PC performance.

The promotion runs until the end of December 2011 making it the perfect Christmas gift for “Panda” fans.

DVD’s only available from the 21st November 2011.

To claim your DVD or for more information, visit http://www.scorewithpanda.co.za/

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Panda Security first off the mark with Beta Version of Panda Global Protection 2012

Panda Security has announced the beta release of Panda Global Protection 2012, its comprehensive solution for protecting the information and digital life of home computer users. Along with the release of the beta, Panda has also announced the launch of a beta testing competition. All users testing the solution will have access to the final version of the product, and the beta testers suggesting the most helpful improvements will each receive a $200 Amazon.com gift certificate.

Panda Global Protection 2012 is the most comprehensive solution in Panda Security’s new retail product lineup. The product has continued to improve with the latest version providing even better protection to active Internet users who enjoy Web 2.0 and all the advantages of the digital world.

By leveraging the knowledge and experience of millions of users through Panda’s unique cloud-based Collective Intelligence technology, Panda Global Protection 2012 delivers high-speed, lightweight, near real-time protection against known and unknown threats.

Every day, Panda receives around 71,000 new files to analyze. Of these, some 63,000 are new malware strains that Collective Intelligence can analyze, classify and remedy in 99.4% of cases. These technologies correlate information on malware received from each computer to continuously improve the protection level for the worldwide community of users. Panda Global Protection 2012 benefits from this vast knowledge base, offering users a more rapid response to new malware attacks.

Panda Global Protection 2012 is specifically designed for highly active users with the most demanding protection needs. Panda Safe Browser preserves user security and privacy on the Internet, and especially in Web 2.0 environments like social networking sites. It also lets users encrypt private files and folders to prevent theft of personal, banking and financial data as well as any kind of valuable multimedia content.

The new release also builds on the core functionality that has positioned Panda Global Protection as the preferred solution among PC users: a highly effective anti-virus engine to protect against known and unknown malware; a firewall with WiFi security to block intruders and hackers; Panda USB Vaccine to prevent USB devices from spreading infections; confidential information filters to keep personal data safe; backup and system recovery, and PC performance tuning.

Benefits of the new Panda Global Protection 2012 also include:

  • Panda Security cloud-based scanning of viruses and other threats.
  • New interface look & feel
  • Improved parental control for even safer Internet surfing.
  • New URL filtering system. 

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