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PandaLabs Q2 2014 Results: PUPs on the increase

The Q2 2014 results from PandaLabs show that Malware is still being created at record levels, roughly 15 million new samples were generated – an average of 160 000 daily.

Trojans remain the most common type of malware, accounting for 58.20% of new malware and 62.8% of infections. This figure is significantly lower compared to the previous quarter at 71.85% and 79.9%. The difference is however not due to a decline in the number of new Trojans, but rather a substantial increase in PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). In recent months there has been a notable increase in software bundlers, which install PUPs – without the user’s consent – along with the original program. According to the report PUPs account for 24.77% of infections. In most instances these programs change browser settings, display unwanted advertising or install additional programs that the user may or may not want.



If your computer virus protection solution was an employee, what interview questions would you ask it?

It’s great living in today’s ‘global village’ with our ability to instantly access information, conduct research and find the best products and solutions for our needs. On the other hand, the broad scope and never-ending allied source of information at our fingertips sometimes ‘spoils us for choice’ and actually makes it more difficult to make decisions. Do you sometimes wish that you could have a one-to-one dialogue that could simplify the decision?

Imagine if, when selecting a computer virus protection solution for your business, you could sit all the options available to you down at the boardroom table and then just interview them, much like you would a prospective employee.


The new XMT Engine

Panda Security Launches 2015 Product Line

Our 2015 range of consumer solutions, boasting Panda’s new XMT Smart Engineering engine, is now available. The range includes: Panda Global Protection 2015, Panda Internet Security 2015, Panda Antivirus Pro 2015 and Panda Mobile Security 2.0.

We designed these products to provide complete protection with minimal performance impact, the 2015 consumer solutions harness the power of cloud computing to combat the myriad security threats that users face today – viruses, hackers, online fraud, identity theft and other known and unknown threats. (more…)

The Apple logo hangs inside the glass entrance to the Apple Store on 5th Avenue in New York City,

Five known threats that can affect Mac users

Many people think that Mac computers are not susceptible to viruses, but this is a common misconception. Perhaps in the past these systems were free from viruses and malware, but lately no operating system is threat-proof.

Apple’s invulnerability to threats was largely due to the general public’s lack of interest in Mac and as a consequence hackers didn’t feel the need to develop viruses for it. Since then Apple has gained tremendous popularity and the number of Mac users has increased dramatically over that last five years. Recently we have seen more and more hackers developing viruses and malware specifically targeting Mac users.

Hackers are also aware that most Mac users feel their systems are not at risk and are therefore less aware of the danger and easier to attack.

As technology is developing and the world is moving increasingly towards online solutions, we see trends such as fake or fraudulent websites, malicious emails, fake apps or online scams, becoming increasingly popular.

Here are five of the most common threats to Mac users


1. The ‘Flashback’ Trojan for Mac

– Flashback is a Trojan that has infected more than 650,000 Mac systems worldwide.

– This malware spreads via streaming sites and warez, exploiting a vulnerability in Java.

– There are several risks to users. After infection, the Mac computer becomes a zombie. Bank details and personal information are also stolen and users are redirected to fraudulent websites.

– When Apple addressed the vulnerability, cyber-criminals launched several new versions of the virus, such as Sabpab.


Open Windows Spanish Trailer (2013) - Elijah Wood Movie HD from La Panda Productions on Vimeo.

Panda Security Ventures into the Movie Business with “Open Windows”

In a world where interconnectivity is increasingly important, Panda Security has chosen to sponsor a French-Spanish co-production, Open Windows, as a means of increasing public awareness of the dangers of the Internet, regardless of the device used to connect to it. Scheduled for release in a few months, the movie, directed by Spanish director-screenwriter Nacho Vigalondo, plays out in real time, utilizing different types of formats and electronic devices and the action is seen through the first-person view of the main character’s laptop. With cyber-crime as a backdrop, Open Windows stars Elijah Wood as an everyman whose girlfriend (Sasha Grey) has been abducted by a vicious killer. Wood’s character spends the rest of the film trying to find her, in a hunt that revolves around various forms of technology. The action is followed on the screen of a laptop connected to the Internet, an approach that reflects the importance of mobility and immediate Internet connectivity in today’s world. (more…)

Hold Your Horses!


Ever wondered about Trojan Horses? Panda Labs, Panda Security’s research and development arm, has published a useful infographic to help demystify these malicious malware creations, whose name derives from Homer’s Trojan Horse Story as they disguise themselves as seemingly harmless files.

Trojans are malicious software programs specifically designed to steal information or take control of users’ computers. They are also the most common type of malicious software likely to be encountered. In fact, Panda Labs recent Quarterly Report has revealed that more than 76,18% of malware infections  for the second quarter of 2012 were Trojans! Persistent horses by the sounds of things!

Panda Labs has indicated that, worldwide, 1 in 4 computers is infected.

Trojan horses also serve as reminders of the importance of keeping operating systems, software and antivirus software up to date as well as employing common sense – always useful around horses!
Trojans Infographic