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1/5 Businesses Infected by Malware through Social Media

We have all started to move to digital, and it’s making our lives simpler and easier. Or is it?

Technology has allowed has allowed us to interact and communicate more easily with our friends and families where ever they are in the world, through awesome social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

More and more companies are now turning to social media and collaborative platforms such as Microsoft Share Point, to enable communication between customers and employees. It’s getting easier and easier to build and maintain relationships and we love it. Its brilliant for improving teamwork, speeding up decision-making and improving customer interactions.

But there is a dark side to all of this too.

With 73% of businesses active on Facebook, 64% on LinkedIn and 56% on Twitter, as well as other collaboration tools, people are now sharing everything, from data, documents and activities across these platforms. It is becoming increasingly challenging for organisations to ensure all their users are being careful with their online interactions, leaving the organisation exposed to cyber criminals.

To make sure we continue to make the most of this digital shift we need to start implementing some best practices:

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