Anti-Virus vs Internet Security

Many people incorrectly assume that Antivirus and Internet Security protection are one in the same, however that is not the case, they are two different solutions. There is a misconception that one or the other fully covers all PC users but there are a few distinct differences that can make all the difference.

Antivirus protection is a reactive solution that provides a ‘fix’ once a virus has already infected your PC, whereas Internet Security on the other hand is a pro-active solution, providing a host of protection in addition to neutralising a virus that has infected the PC.

Viruses can access your PC through a variety of methods including e-mail, Internet connections or through other media devices such as flash drives.

Antivirus Protection

Anti-Virus solutions can be explained as the antibiotics taken to cure a cold. If selecting an Anti-Virus solution, choose one that features a link directly from the PC to the vendor’s antivirus server therefore scanning for new viruses in real time.

Internet Security Protection

Internet Security can be regarded as the preventative measure such as a vitamin B12 complex injection to boost your immune system to help prevent the cold. This can be considered a far better solution to Anti-Virus protection as it actively scans websites for specific threats and identifies characteristics of new viruses in the event that a signature file has not yet been developed to combat the new threat.

An effective Internet Security solution should contain features such as:

  • Identity protection to protect you from unsafe and scam websites operated by cybercriminals who may attempt to steal confidential information, this is known as “phishing”. Internet Security protection will warn you whilst you are surfing the internet and automatically block unsafe sites.
  • Remembering and automatically entering names and passwords. This will ultimately help speed up log-ins and prevent cybercriminals eavesdropping or attempting to spy or steal information when using wireless networks.
  • A popular feature – Parental Control Management, assists parents to track what websites their children visit, block access to any inappropriate ones, help keep an eye on social networking activities and who they are chatting with online. These measures will keep your child safe from online dangers.
  • Anti-Spam functionality is another key component within Internet Security. Spam is unsolicited email and usually takes form in a bulk email. Anti-Spam software blocks these unsolicited emails before they enter your inbox. By searching for keywords, checking the source and how many recipients received the email.
  • All Internet Security solutions should include a Firewall. A Firewall is a ‘filter’ between the PC and the internet. It usually blocks the incoming traffic and analyses both incoming and outgoing traffic for any hidden viruses.

The Solution

It is common for PC users to question whether they can install both an Anti-Virus and Internet Security solutions from different brands onto their PC however with the exception of a few South African brands it is generally not advised, as both solutions will consider the other to be a virus and result in ‘conflict’ and slow downs.

It is advised to purchase a product that covers all important features stated above. Below are 3 options to explore.

All in one protection: Panda Security’s Panda Global Protection 2012 is a solution which combines both Anti-Virus and Internet Security features, giving all PC users the ultimate protection against viruses, spyware, rootkits, hackers, online fraud, identity theft and all other internet-borne threats.

Essential protection: Panda Antivirus Pro 2012 newly improved antivirus solution offering ease of use and intuitive protections for all computers. Panda Security has further differentiated itself from traditional antivirus solutions by offering a personal firewall for maximum protection.

Protect your family: Panda Internet Security 2012 is a security suite that allows you to use the Internet for anything, like shopping and banking online, with total peace of mind and without any interruption. In addition, keeps your inbox spam-free, and allows your children to browse the web safely with the Parental Control.

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