Cyber Police Virus Strikes Again

The Cyber Police Virus is malware that attacks Android devices. Designed by cyber criminals who focus primarily on phone markets to collect money from unwary users, using counterfeit fines and violations.  The virus locks users’ phones and displays a fake fine on the screen, demanding a fee be paid. Although this virus does not encrypt data, as with ransomware for PC’s, the message remains on the screen and the virus is somewhat difficult to remove.  This Trojan is targeting users from 31 different countries around the world; 23 of which are European countries and is one of many new malware samples attacking Android devices. This is just more evidence that mobile devices are no longer considered “safe” and that users can start looking at protection for all their devices.


As mentioned in one of our earlier posts Android is the most popular mobile operating system worldwide and users can expect targeted attacks in future. These attacks will become more frequent and more complex, as cyber-criminals will stop at nothing to gain access to personal information stored on smartphones. Panda’s Endpoint Protection Plus  provides anti-theft protection for businesses that want greater control over devices. This feature enables the locking and remote wiping of devices to prevent thieves from accessing confidential data. It also includes a geo-locating feature and a feature called “snap the thief” which takes a photo of the person who has stolen the device.
For individual users who wish to protect their mobile devices, Panda’s Mobile Security antivirus and applock software for Android , protects smartphones or tablets against viruses, malware or spyware. To protect user privacy, the offering also blocks applications that access confidential data without permission with the applock feature. It scans every app users download before first use to avoid all risks right from the outset. Users can also run simple scans or complete on-demand scans to detect viruses, spyware or malware on files or multimedia content.  The  antivirus automatically scans the apps installed as well as their updates, without affecting device performance and also performs SD card scans.

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