If your computer virus protection solution was an employee, what interview questions would you ask it?

It’s great living in today’s ‘global village’ with our ability to instantly access information, conduct research and find the best products and solutions for our needs. On the other hand, the broad scope and never-ending allied source of information at our fingertips sometimes ‘spoils us for choice’ and actually makes it more difficult to make decisions. Do you sometimes wish that you could have a one-to-one dialogue that could simplify the decision?

Imagine if, when selecting a computer virus protection solution for your business, you could sit all the options available to you down at the boardroom table and then just interview them, much like you would a prospective employee.

Here’s an example of how the ‘interview’ may proceed:

Interview question 1: Good morning, who are you?

Hello, I’m Panda Cloud Office Protection. I offer your company the best cloud-hosted computer virus protection solution.

Interview question 2: What makes you better than all your competitors?

Well, I have years of experience in the field of computer virus protection and I’ve worked in many companies globally. I’m confident in my ability to the extent that you won’t need to give me a long-term contract; If you’re not happy with me then just pay me for the month and tell me to leave. In fact, I operate ‘in the cloud’ so I won’t even take up space on your office network. Because I live in the cloud, I’m available to offer complete computer virus protection to you wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Interview question 3: What references or testimonials do you have?

Well, I was recently awarded the highest honours in the AV Comparatives ‘Hall of Fame’ real-world battery of tests. You want only the best computer virus protection for your company. Check out the ‘Hall of Fame’ results and commentary here. I’m employed by literally tens of thousands of companies worldwide – they can’t all be wrong.

Interview question 4: What makes you think you will work well in my business?

I have been designed for modern business needs. Besides offering computer virus protection, I provide complete end point protection for every device in your company – including smartphones and tablet devices. This means that I can help you with web filtering to increase productivity as well as device control, thus blocking employees’ ability to copy confidential data and take it off-site. I work well in any size business and adapt quickly.

Interview question 5: What are your best and worst attributes?

I’m constantly learning. Because I’m in the cloud, I always have real-time connectivity and access to ongoing collective intelligence. I do this in my own time and am always aware of the very the latest virus threats out there.

My management capabilities can be accessed by all authorised personnel from anywhere at any time in order to check up on your device protection status, update configuration settings or merely to generate management reports.

Because I strive to be the best, I’m a workaholic and never take leave. Your employees cannot turn me off and I work with one goal in mind: to offer computer virus protection across all your business IT assets.

Interview question 6: Tell me a story of an experience you have had before and how you dealt with it.

Well, I was recently employed by a company that had no cloud-based computer virus protection or web filtering facilities. I was configured to disable access to social media sites, ‘XXX’ rated content and torrent download facilities for all the company employees. The month after I began working at the company, reports showed that the company used less than half of the bandwidth that was being used on a monthly basis before I identified this issue. The results of my efforts were that company productivity increased immensely, along with customer service levels, as employees were no longer distracted. The directors were so pleased that they set me to allow access to social media websites to all employees again – but only during lunch hours.

If you were an animal, which animal would you be?

I think I’d be a combination of an elephant and a cheetah. I have a memory that retains tons of information, I have the endurance to operate over wide areas for long periods as well as the speed to negate threats and attacks instantly.

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