Panda Security Achieves Highest Rankings across its Consumer Product Range from Top Independent Testers

Panda Security’s, Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition is the world’s fastest growing cloud-based antivirus, certified by prestigious independent testing labs AV-Test.org and AV-Comparatives.org. Tests comparing detection capabilities, false positive detection, repair, usability, performance and overall protection were conducted. Panda outperformed other top AV vendor solutions, receiving excellent scores across the board. This is the first time Panda’s Cloud Antivirus Free Edition has participated in these tests. This recognition follows Panda Internet Security 2012 certifications for high malware detection rates. These tests simulate real-life conditions very closely, pitting antivirus products against actual threats that can be found on the Web or on users’ computers.

AV-Test.org and AV-Comparatives.org evaluations compared Version 1.5.1 of Panda Cloud Antivirus to over 20 other free and paid antivirus programs. Panda successfully detected 99.3 percent of the more than 200,000 samples used by AV-Comparatives. The results of these tests reinforce the powerful protection capabilities of Panda Cloud Antivirus. Tests also included a false positive detection report. Panda incorrectly detected only one clean file as malware, whereas other top free antivirus solutions had 10 or more false positives.

The full reports are available at AV-Comparatives.org and AV-Test.org.

Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition 1.5.1, launched this June, includes performance improvements as well as new features suggested by Panda Security’s user community. Since Cloud Antivirus’ initial release in 2009 as the first free ‘in the cloud’ security service for home users, millions around the world have benefitted from its award-winning free antivirus protection and incredibly lightweight footprint. The latter is a major benefit of Collective Intelligence, Panda’s proprietary technology for automatically collecting and processing millions of malware samples in the cloud instead of locally on the user’s PC.

For more information about Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition or to download the product, please visit http://www.cloudantivirus.com

Panda Internet Security 2012 has obtained great results in the latest detection tests conducted by the AV-Test.org and AV-Comparatives.org laboratories. According to Andreas Marx, CEO of AV-Test.org, “Once again, Panda Internet Security was one of the top products in our certification tests. It’s the first time we tested the new 2012 edition of Panda Internet Security, and it performed very well in our tests. We do not only focus on protection, but also on repair and usability aspects in our tests and in all tested areas, Panda Internet Security scored 5 points or higher out of a maximum number of 6 points.” It was also one of only four products to achieve a score higher than 15 points.

For more information, visit http://www.pandasecurity.co.za/


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